NBA 2K20 is a great game, you can read our full review of it here but there’s no doubt a large emphasis on monetization during your playthrough of it. Its focus on in-game purchases makes it a nasty experience and it seems it is about to get a lot worse for gamers who own the game. According to Reddit, NBA 2K20 ads have started popping up in the game and you cannot skip them.

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We had the same issue a while back with these paid video ads which interrupted gameplay to show you a video clip of a paid sponsorship. According to Reddit, these ads are back with the vengeance.

According to Boostmiester on Reddit, he spotted the first NBA 2K20 unskippable ad that popped up in his game during the loading screen and it seems he was unable to resume his progress unless he watched the full thing. The Converse ad which he posted has sparked some outrage on Reddit with users expressing their frustration for 2K Games and their relentless monetization.

One user states that they don’t mind the ads during loading screens if you can skip them once the game has loaded but that is not the case with NBA 2K20 as it seems to force users to watch the ad regardless of whether or not the game has finished loading.

NBA 2K20 has a negative popularity not only for the ads but also for the game’s heavy monetization implemented by 2K Games. It is now the fifth most hated game on Steam at the moment with users slamming it for its shoddy gameplay, poor PC optimization and of course, in-game purchases where you feel forced to spend money on every little thing in the game.

Are you playing NBA 2K20? Let us know if you have experienced the ad yet down in the comments section.

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