While we did not love NBA 2K21 as much as we hoped this year, the series is known for its fantastic visuals. In particular, when the PS4 launched back in 2013, NBA 2K13 delivered a true next-gen experience compared to its PS3 version. It was a night and day difference compared to the PS3 game and now with NBA 2K21 releasing on PS5 later this year, the same can be said. 2K Sports released the first trailer for the upcoming basketball game and even if you are not a fan of the series or sport, you have to watch it to admire how far we have come.


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Sony teased NBA 2K21 on PS5 back in July. However, this trailer marks the first look at actual gameplay. In addition, characters are now rendered in superb detail, arenas are packed with a highly detailed crowd and the overall busyness of the scene is above and beyond its PS4 counterpart.

The new trailer is all about showing off the smaller details. One thing you will notice is just how busy everything is. According to 2K, arenas now hold more than 150 unique AI-driven characters all interacting seamlessly. Each of the areas in the arena seems to hold its own unique set of AI spectators. For example, a shot following Luka Doncic leaving the changeroom to enter the court includes a handful of people watching him and interacting as he walks past.

NBA 2K 21 PS5 Xbox Series X Next-Gen

Players have also been reworked with more detailed facial expressions and muscles to show their emotions. Skin textures are layered with sub-surface scattering to deliver life-like people. Not to mention the textures on the outfits and of course, the sweat dripping down each player too. 2K went out of their way to rework the engine for next-gen and it looks fantastic.

We don’t know how the gameplay is going to change in NBA 2K21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, the game is launching on 10 November for Xbox and 12 November for PS5. Keep in mind that not all versions of the game offer a free upgrade to the next-gen edition. Only if you purchased the Mamba edition can you benefit from a free upgrade. However, 2K is also going to release a $10 upgrade package for those with the standard edition of the game.

Watch the trailer down below;

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