NBA 2K23 Doubles Down “Authenticity” in New Gameplay

"Along with a new trailer"

NBA 2K23
NBA 2K23 Doubles Down “Authenticity” in New Gameplay

This year’s annual 2K basketball game, NBA 2K23, releases on the 9th of September and publisher 2K has given us a better look at the upcoming title’s features and what we can expect. 2K also dropped a new trailer for NBA 2K23 as well as detailing how the title aims to enhance its “authenticity” across its gameplay.

All the details that fans can expect from NBA 2K23 were detailed in a recent blog post – and it’s quite an extensive list – which 2K claims that it will “transfer to more wins, and more seamless actions”. The blog details how many of the improvements are focused on offensive gameplay with a focus on animations and shooting accuracy.

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Looking at offensive actions in NBA 2K23 there are new gesture combos to the Pro Stick which publisher 2K states allows you to “dunk exactly how you want” thanks to the “expansion of dunking controls”. The changes here include the new rim hang control which introduces physics-based simulated rim hangs on new-gen consoles.

2K has also emphasised that “learning the speed of your stick throws and the timing of your signature animations is especially important now” which leans into the changes in combo gestures. These gestures have also been a focus for NBA 2K23 which affects things like the hop-step, euro-step, and cradle layups to allow for more flamboyant dribbling to create new opportunities.

To add more fluidity to the game, NBA 2K23 will also introduce changes to Adrenaline Boosts that are intended to prevent over-dribbling, with a “more authentic shooting model” that includes shot speed, release height and timing impact.

Defensively, NBA 2K23 has also tweaked its defensive play that will offer better on-ball defensive movements and body ups, along with refined shot blocking as well as “new and improved” ball steals and strips.

The post also details a lot more changes including AI improvements and a new badge system for current-gen consoles. NBA 2k23 launches for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on the 9th of September.

Source: NBA 2K

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