Necromunda: Hired Gun

Necromunda: Hired Gun Gameplay Overview Trailer Explains Exactly What You Will Be Doing

In Necromunda: Hired Gun, players will take the role of a bounty hunter, track down targets, collect payments, upgrade their gear and fight to survive. Well, that is according to a new trailer that just dropped for the upcoming first-person shooter.

Focus Home Entertainment says that the game is a fast-paced, wall-running, intense first-person shooter and they aren’t lying. The trailer is packed with loads of action, explosions, gunfights, wall running, throat-slitting and much more.

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The trailer touches on some of the locations players will visit and they look quite impressive. From the underground railroads to the molten-scorched factories. It all looks rather polished.

The typical gameplay loop for Necromunda: Hired Gun seems to follow a bounty system. Players will pick up a bounty that will see them venture to some part of the planet to take it down. These bounties range from cult leaders to massive deadly machines.

How players tackle each bounty is up to them. Necromunda: Hired Gun includes a range of weapons and gear. There’s even a dog companion that has a metal jaw. He can be commanded to take down an enemy in the distance.

During hunts, players will fight enemies but also get to explore and find chests that hold sweet loot. Guns and gear can be sold for credits that are then used to purchase upgrades for the player, dog and weapons.

From a signature power knife to rocket launchers and graviton gun, everything can be useful to make a living within the ever-growing conflict between factions in the Hive. After each action-intensive mission, take the time to exchange loot and rewards for cyber-augments to yourself, your arsenal and your dog. Grow in power and soon enough, become your target’s unstoppable worst nightmare.

You can also keep the guns if you like them, or sell them if you don’t. It is unclear yet how deep the loot system goes in Necromunda: Hired Gun and whether or not players will be able to grind for powerful weapons and take on more challenging missions to better loot.

One thing is for sure, Necromunda: Hired Gun is looking great. The game is set to release on 1 June 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC. Check out the trailer down below.

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