Need for Speed Teaser Countdown Points to Reveal Later This Week
EA Games
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Prepare for a new Need for Speed announcement set to take place later this week. According to the official Need for Speed site which has been updated with a countdown, EA Games will be revealing a new racer in the next few days.

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The official site just has the letters “NFS” and a timer which is set to end on Wednesday 15 August at 15:00 SAT. Back in May, EA announced they were indeed working on a new Need for Speed game which they planned on releasing before the end of their financial year.

EA announced in a blog post the game would release in late 2019 and mark the release of the 26th Need for Speed game. This year also marks the 25th anniversary of the series which began way back in 1994 with Need for Speed.

No one knows what EA plans to reveal this week but we are all wishing for something related to Need for Speed: Underground. EA’s track record with the series has been quite negative over the past few years with the 2015 reboot and Need for Speed: Payback being criticised for its lacklustre gameplay and heavy use of microtransactions.

EA’s approach to its new release has been very different from previous years. EA decided to cut E3 2019 short with announcements and work on developing its titles more before revealing them. We have seen this approach on the new Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and now Need for Speed.

Whatever EA Games is revealing, we will be sure to share it as it happens. In the meantime, set your alarm and prepare for a new racing announcement.






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