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Need for Speed Unbound Cop Gameplay and Animated Effect Toggle Switch Detailed

Need for Speed Unbound is set to launch on 2 December and new details regarding the game’s animated effects and some information on how police chases take place have been revealed. First off, if you absolutely hate the game’s new animated effects, which some of you do, you can rest assured knowing that everything can be disabled. EA says that players can turn off the effects. In fact, you can choose to never have them on right at the start of the game.

By the sound of things, these animated effects in Need for Speed Unbound, which are called “tags” by the way, are additional effects players can also install onto their vehicles. But you can play the game completely without ever turning them on or installing them onto your car. So if you’re looking for a more traditional Need for Speed experience, you can disable them.

EA Games also detailed some of the game’s cops that players will face in the game. In past Need for Speed titles, police forces often became a major problem. So much so that they would even interrupt missions by randomly jumping out at the player for speeding…. during a mission where they had the “Need for Speed”.

EA says that police forces in Need for Speed aren’t a problem anymore. In fact, cops are designed to be a lot more tactical this time around. According to EA who spoke to IGN about the chases feature. Not only will cops no longer irritate you when you’re on missions that don’t require cops but getting away from them requires strategy. Creative Director at Criterion Games Kieran Crimmins says:

“You have to pick your strategy for the kind of cop that’s coming after you. And if you get really good, you can even get in a full high heat chase. And if you know all the strategies, you can totally still get away with it. But if you don’t, or you can’t execute the strategies, you will be taken down.

EA Games also says that Need for Speed Unbound will feature settings where players can disable police spotting altogether as well as set different default levels of aggressiveness. There’s a lot of freedom to choose what you do and how you do it in Need for Speed Unbound. If you hate the cops, make them dumb, for example.

Need for Speed Unbound releases on 2 December for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. It is one of the two new games launching in South Africa at an insane new price tag. EA Games has yet to reveal proper gameplay for the game.

Source: IGN

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