Need for Speed Underground

Need For Speed Underground Gets Ray Tracing Treatment

Need For Speed Underground is the latest classic game to get the NVIDIA Raytracing Remix treatment. Back in January this year, NVIDIA unveiled plans for its so-called “RTX Remix” feature that automatically remasters classic games using AI textures and tools. As a result, these remastered elements add high-res textures, ray tracing lights and NVIDIA DLSS 3.

NVIDIA has added support for various games using the RTX Remix tools including Call of Duty 2, Half-Life 2 and Portal. Of course, it helps if a modder is on the backend tweaking these files and implementing the changes into the game. However, NVIDIA says doing so is quite easy. As a result, Need For Speed Underground has now joined the collection.

The RTX Remix version of Need For Speed Underground looks far superior in many ways. The world itself is impressive with thousands of direct lights now lighting up the city accurately. Sure, the cars themselves don’t look drastically different but the lighting adds a lot of depth to the classic racer.

The Need For Speed Underground RTX Remix mod still needs work. According to the official page, certain elements such as car headlights have yet to be remastered with ray tracing. However, these updates will come at a later date. The modder urges users to stay up-to-date with the development of the project over on its Discord channel.

There’s a cool video below showcasing the two versions of the game side-by-side. Pay attention to the lighting because that has likely received the biggest overhaul. There are also some improved textures around the environment.

You can download the Need For Speed Underground RTX Remix mod here.

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