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Neil Druckmann Says AI Will ‘Push The Boundaries of Storytelling in Games’

The Last of Us director Neil Druckmann has spoken up about the use of AI in game development, saying that it will “push the boundaries of storytelling”, though the technology still has ethical issues. Speaking during an interview on the Sony website as part of its ‘Creative Entertainment Vision’, the director was asked how he envisions the blend of technology and storytelling for the next 10 years.

“We’re seeing this exciting marriage of cutting-edge technology with traditional storytelling that’s pushing us into a future where enhanced fidelity isn’t just about achieving realism, but about broadening the spectrum from highly stylised visuals to ultra-realistic ones,” Neil Druckmann replied. “This broadening of possibilities is fueled by increasingly accessible tools that allow even non-technical people to use their imagination and create worlds and narratives to their heart’s content.”

When asked about AI technology, Druckmann added:

“AI is really going to revolutionise how content is being created, although it does bring up some ethical issues we need to address. With technologies like AI and the ability to do motion capture right from home, we’re reducing both costs and technical hurdles, opening the door for us to take on more adventurous projects and push the boundaries of storytelling in games. This evolution is truly empowering creators to bring their visions to life without the traditional obstacles.”

The ethical issues about AI go deeper than just the usage of such technology. There’s a genuine fear that AI will outright replace jobs in the industry – ones that were crucially handled by human hands in the past – and with so many layoffs happening throughout the gaming industry, including Naughty Dog itself last year, it’s quite a touchy subject for many right now.

Naughty Dog and Neil Druckmann are pushing forward with a few new projects, one of which is rumoured to be The Last of Us Part III, though it might be years before we see exactly how AI has impacted the game development process and whether or not it comes at the expense of human creative roles.

Source: Sony

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