Nestle Ricoffy is Now 100% Responsibly Sourced

Nestle has announced that one of South Africa’s most loved instant coffee brand, Ricoffy now uses coffee beans that are 100% responsibly sourced. Why is this big news you may be thinking to yourself? Well, the coffee trade has proven to be a hot topic when it comes to child labour.

Recent investigations across the globe showed that large coffee countries including Colombia, Mexico, and Guatemala all made use of illegal child labour including 10-hour workdays for children as young as 6 years old.


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Nestle’s wants to prove to the world that the company delivers a coffee brand with pride and respect in every sip and the 100% responsibly sourced brand is a big step towards that goal. In a statement, Nestle says that the way they source their ingredients and the people who produce them helps protect growers and their environments while ensuring the long-term success of the business.

Nicole Roos, business executive officer, coffee and beverages at Nestlé, South Africa said:

“NESCAFÉ RICOFFY is South Africa’s most memorable instant chicory and coffee extract brand. We are extremely proud that Nestlé knows where our ingredients come from and that they are produced in a way that minimizes negative impact and makes a positive contribution to individuals, communities and the planet,”

The announcement forms part of Nestlé South Africa’s recently launched RE (RETHINK, REDUCE AND REPURPOSE) sustainability initiative. RE is aimed at reinforcing all its sustainability initiatives, strategies and resources to help mitigate sustainability challenges and strengthen its contribution to a waste-free future.

Saint-Francis Tohlang, the corporate communications and public affairs director at Nestlé East and Southern Africa Region (ESAR).

“Our NESCAFE RICOFFY 100 percent responsibly sourced project is a practical testament of our sustainability commitments in South Africa. It encapsulates all that the RE initiative represents- rethinking our entire value chain, reducing our impact on the environment and providing tangible proof points of our sustainability efforts through our loved brands”

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