Netflix Adds a “Two Thumbs Up” Button in Case You Really Liked Something

"Because two thumbs are better than one"

April 2022 Netflix Lineup
Netflix Adds a “Two Thumbs Up” Button in Case You Really Liked Something

Netflix is rolling out a new Two Thumbs Up button. The company says the button will help the streaming service curate more accurate recommendations for each user on the platform.

So now instead of a Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down, there will also be a Two Thumbs Up button that will live alongside the other interactive controls on the app. Netflix says that the new Two Thumbs Up button is there for users who “really” like something. Netflix says this button is apparently a highly requested feature.

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The Two Thumbs Up button joins other features on Netflix that the company has implemented over the past few years to help users explore more content. In 2020, Netflix added the Top 10 feature. Last year, they added the “Play Something” feature too. These additional changes are a stark difference from the company’s previous five-star rating system which they scrapped in 2017 before the platform rolled out in South Africa.

Netflix says that being able to find the shows and movies that they enjoy and love is really important to them and the new button will help the algorithms determine what to recommend. The Two Thumbs Up button aims to end “choice fatigue” and give the viewer more control over their content.

Users should start seeing the Two Thumbs Up button starting today across Netflix. This includes Smart TV apps, iOS and Android.

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Source: The Verge

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