Netflix Breaks Down The Witcher Bestiary in New Documentary

Netflix The Witcher Bestiary
Netflix Breaks Down The Witcher Bestiary in New Documentary

Netflix released a new The Witcher’s Bestiary documentary on YouTube and it is a must-watch for all fans of the series. The 12-minute video breaks down all the mythical creatures and monsters Geralt comes face-to-face with in the popular Netflix The Witcher TV series.

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From the Kikimora which makes her debut in Netflix The Witcher episode 1 to the Roachhound in episode 4. In addition, the video touches on the monsters and their origins across the world. This includes real-life references to mythological beings in India and China.

The video makes for a great watch as it details these creatures we have seen in the show and where they came from. With that being said, you should avoid watching The Witcher’s Bestiary if you have not watched the Netflix show. In addition, it makes us quite excited about the upcoming Netflix The Witcher season 2.

Sure, we all know and love the mutants and mages of The Witcher, but there’s one group we don’t pay enough attention to its amazing monsters. Here’s everything about them in one giant bestiary — from their mythological origins to their (many, horrifying) ways of killing Geralt. After seeing all he has to deal with, maybe toss an extra coin to your Witcher? And let us know if you want more!

Watch the video down below.

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