Netflix Fires Writers Running Fan Site Months After Launching it

"The site launched in Dec 21"

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Netflix Fires Writers Running Fan Site Months After Launching it

Netflix has seemingly let go of its ten employees who ran and produced content for the company’s own fan site called Tudum. Netflix launched Tudum in December last year and the site is meant to act as a platform to catch up on all the streaming content, interviews, behind-the-scenes looks and other content surrounding the platform.

The site was launched as a platform to share original content so every big announcement and in-house video was hosted on the platform. This was all done by the ten employees at In short, Tudum was a lifestyle site that held a lot of potential for Netflix’s platform. Sadly, the company didn’t think so.

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According to Protocol, Netflix has let go of mostly all of Tudum’s writing staff which consists of ten employees. To make matters worse, Tudum’s staff was mostly made up of experienced journalists that Netflix poached from other sites. Most of them left in hopes of a brighter future. Netflix also failed to let these staff writers know about the layoffs. Many of them were notified on Twitter that they no longer had a job.

Netflix claims that the company has no plans to shut down The company calls it an important priority for the streaming service. The layoff arrive a week after the company announced its substantial subscriber loss and estimates to lose over 2.5 million more subscribers by the end of July.

Source: Protocol

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