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Netflix is Working on Gamertags and Leaderboards

Netflix actively working on features for this gaming library comes as a surprise to many. Since launching its mobile gaming division in late November 2021, Netflix has struggled to get it to take off. A report from CNBC reveals that only about one percent of Netflix subscribers (roughly 1.7 million users) interact with Netflix games.

Despite the low interaction, Netflix is currently testing gamer handles in the style of Gamertags. These tags are something that users can create and display publicly while playing a selection of games from Netflix’s game catalogue. The introduction of this feature might also hint at the addition of multiplayer titles coming to the service soon.

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Mobile developer Steve Moser was the first to spot this new feature, which should allow members to quickly identify and invite others to play and show up on leaderboards. For those wanting to try out this new feature, it is available within the following games:

The Breach, Bowling Ballers, Mahjong Solitaire, and Heads Up! – with more games sure to adopt this feature soon.

Netflix Games Gamertag Leaderboards

According to Netflix, game handles will be a core component of creating a social experience within its games. Not only will game handles make it easy to play games with other subscribers, but it will also be a way for you to know if your friends are online and challenge them on leaderboards.

The game handle you choose will be a unique public name used when playing games. However, your profile icon and name won’t be made public to others.

Netflix Games Gamertag Leaderboards

Netflix is currently looking at expanding this gaming library by fifty games by the end of 2022 and just recently added Heads Up!, a viral mobile game popularized by the Ellen DeGeneres show, to their library.

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