Netflix Releases New Cheaper Streaming Plan
Netflix August
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There is a new cheap Netflix plan currently rolling out in India that sees the service selling for as low as $4 a month in order to allow users to test it out and benefit from the content without worrying about the costs.

The new $4 per month option is now the lowest tier on the platform and comes with some restrictions. Streaming is restricted to 480p which is below HD and it is limited to one device.

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Netflix has been testing out the cheap tier option in India for over two months now where they plan on releasing it first. The price point has been introduced in order to compete with India’s biggest service, Pay TV ARPU who also offers a $5 service.

Netflix has yet to confirm or deny whether or not the cheap tier option will come to other markets as they seem to be targeting countries where they are struggling to gain subscribers at the moment. In South Africa, the cheapest monthly subscription is R99 for one HD device.

The 480p option would actually be great in SA especially for those with limited internet usage. It would consume less data and open up the service to many South Africans that don’t have the luxury of fibre and large caps. It would also be very affordable making it a great alternative over other expensive TV services in SA, like DSTV.

Netflix may release this package at a later date in other markets after the trial runs have been completed in India. We will update you accordingly whether or not this cheap Netflix plan will be coming to SA at a later date.






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