Netflix Now Lets Users Disable That Terrible Autoplay Feature

November Netflix April 2020
Netflix Now Lets Users Disable That Terrible Autoplay Feature

One major gripe many people have about Netflix is that darn autoplay features that occur on its homepage. You will be exploring your watch list of the latest new content only to be slapped across the face with a noisy trailer about something you would probably hate to watch anyway. Netflix has announced that users can finally disable the autoplay functionality both for the home page and the “next episode”.

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Even though Netflix released the ability to disable the “next episode” feature a few years back, the feature to stop the noise and trailers just playing on the home page is new.

Users have been begging Netflix for years now to fix the issue as it was just anti-user friendly. One user even went as far as to create a Twitter account called “Stop Autopreview”.

Netflix has revealed that disabling the autoplay feature is quite simple. All you need to do it head into the Netflix app from a web browser, select Manage Profiles, select the profile you want to edit and uncheck the “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices”. 

Keep in mind that there are two settings to disable;

  • Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices – Prevents Netflix from automatically starting up the next episode of a show if you are watching a TV series.
  • Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices – The latest change that turns off all previews while browsing the home page.


So there you have it. The world has been saved by one simple setting. Make sure you disable the Netflix home page autoplay setting if it has ever bothered you in the slightest.

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