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Netflix Plans to Offer 50 Mobile Games by End of 2022

Despite gradually decreasing subscriber numbers, Netflix is still making big pushes to other avenues outside of television and movies. According to The Washington Post, Netflix is aiming to offer around 50 mobile games as part of its service by the end of 2022, further bolstering their expanded gaming division.

Netflix first announced their plans to tackle gaming last July, starting with mobile games like Stranger Things: 1984. However, Netflix also adopted a reverse method of this process as they previously adapted League of Legends into the critically acclaimed animated television series Arcane.

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However, subscriber numbers continue to decrease and for a number of reasons. Netflix decided to pull their support from Russia following the conflict in Ukraine, reportedly leading to a loss of around 700,000 subscribers. The increased price of a monthly subscriptions also may have greatly contributed to that loss.

Another key factor in Netflix’s gradual loss of subscribers mainly has to do with the competition. With streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Showmax, Hulu and Disney+ (among many others) all offering quality television shows and movies – and some at a far cheaper price point than Netflix – it’s no surprise to see these results.

Netflix has also gained a bit of a notorious streak for cancelling television shows after just one season, leading to many fans becoming disgruntled and frustrated.

It remains to be seen if Netflix’s decision to push into the gaming scene, especially just the mobile gaming market which is already stacked and highly competitive, will be successful, though they have a steep uphill battle ahead if they’re planning to offer 50 mobile games before the end of the year. Whether this means using pre-existing licenses for mobile game adaptations of their shows or making entirely new projects, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Source: The Washington Post

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