Netflix Price Hike Hits The US – Best Plan Costs $20 a Month

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Netflix Price Hike Hits The US – Best Plan Costs $20 a Month

Netflix is raising its prices in the United States which has sparked concern in other regions as to how expensive the service might get. The latest price hike, which sees its 4K Ultra HD tier cost $19,99, is set to kick in this week on 30 March and subscribers are finding it tough to justify its price tag.

Every subscription tier Netflix offers is getting more expensive this week with some tiers going up by $1 and others going up by $2. Reports claim that some users have already started paying for the more expensive packages even before the official price hike kicks in.

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The latest price increase will see Netflix prices surge to the following:

  • Premium 4K Ultra HD – $19.99 (From $17.99)
  • Standard HD 2 Screens – $15.49 (From $13.99)
  • Basic No HD 1 Screen – $9.99 (From $8.99)

Netflix says it is increasing the prices to align the service with what it offers to its subscribers. This includes original movies, shows and even video games. However, the company is also spending a lot of money investing in the video game market and we have yet to see this pay off.

With no ad-tier service in sight, the only way the company can afford to produce content and games is to increase its pricing. At the moment, South Africans pay R199 for the top-tier 4K Ultra HD subscription. This is a lot cheaper than the United State’s Netflix prices. However, users are concerned that South Africa might be hit with another price increase soon to align the local pricing with other regions. You can find all the South African Netflix pricing here. The company last increased the local pricing back in October 2021.

Source: Netflix

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