Netflix Adds New “Screen Lock” Feature

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Netflix Adds New “Screen Lock” Feature

Netflix has added a new “screen lock” feature to the mobile app to prevent accidental pausing and other clumsy taps from happening while you are watching something on your phone or tablet. The new feature lets users avoid accidental touches when using the app.

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The new Netflix screen lock option will now appear at the bottom of your screen after you start watching a TV show or movie. Users simply need to tap little lock icon which will then prevent any other icons on the screen from appearing until you turn off the lock. This means you won’t see any icons while the Netflix screen lock is active.

If you want to gain access to the app again, you will simply need to tap your screen and then tap on the “unlock” icon to make all the icons appear again. Basically, just tapping your screen twice will let you access your app again.

While the lock prevents accidental touches on the Netflix app, it does not stop your mobile buttons and gestures from working. You will still be able to go to your home screen, lock the device by mistake and swipe to the next app. While the screen lock feature is a step in the right direction to prevent kids (and some clumsy adults) from pressing buttons while watching content, it is not a foolproof solution.  With that being said, it is better than nothing.

The lock feature is available on Android now and will be coming soon to the iPhone and iOS.

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