Netflix Testing ‘Shuffle’ Feature to Help You Decide What to Watch

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Netflix Testing ‘Shuffle’ Feature to Help You Decide What to Watch

Do you sit for hours on your Netflix home screen wondering through all the pretty posters trying to decide what to watch? Well, it seems that a lot of people do and the company wants to change that. Netflix is bringing a new ‘Shuffle’ to the streaming service. It allows users to instantly load something random which the service thinks they will like.

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Netflix says the feature uses the platform’s algorithms to determine what to play. When the feature releases in your region, users will find a “Play Something” button underneath their user profile image. Once clicked, the platform automatically starts playing a recommendation it thinks you will like.

One user explained how when she clicked the button, the service instantly played the first episode of The Umbrella Academy. According to the user, the platform suggested this show because she watched a lot of Spider-Man movies. It kinda makes sense.

But Netflix is not just testing the feature for fun. The company told Variety that they plan on improving it and releasing it worldwide soon. The Netflix Shuffle feature is an improved version of a similar one the company tested out a while back. However, the previous version randomly played an episode of a show regardless of you watching it before. This would start at the beginning of a series and makes a lot more sense.

If the new Netflix feature is available on your device and region, you will see the “Play Something” badge underneath your profile image when logging into the service. However, Netflix says the feature is only available on TVs at the moment with mobile apps and devices to launch if they roll out the service.

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