Netflix to Release Episodes of New Shows Weekly Instead of all at Once

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Netflix to Release Episodes of New Shows Weekly Instead of all at Once

It is going to get a lot harder to binge your favourite show as Netflix has announced it will soon start rolling out new original content by the episode instead of uploading the entire show all at once.

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ComicBook reports the streaming platform will release specific series on a weekly basis starting with The Great British Baking Show. The reality competition will rollout weekly with new episodes being uploaded once a week instead of all at once.

Netflix will also do the same for Rhythm and Flow. The show featuring T.I, Cardi B, and Chance the Rapper will be released once a week. The first four episodes will release in early October and a week later another three episodes will rollout. The following week, the last of the season’s episodes will drop on Netflix.

There seems to be a trend for this new rollout plan which mainly revolves around reality shows. The streaming provider clearly wants to keep the winners of the two mentioned shows a secret and the slower the episodes release, the easier that would be.

Netflix does not have any plans to implement this scheduling for other shows at the moment so you’ll be able to watch the full Witcher Netflix show all at once when it releases later this year. This does not mean it is not a possibility, however.

If Netflix sees growth on these specific titles dropping weekly, they could implement the same plan across the board. Right now, Rhythm and Flow and The Great British Baking Show will be the two shows using the new weekly schedule.

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