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Netflix’s Gears of War Movie Gets Dune and Prometheus Writer

The upcoming live-action Gears of War movie currently in the works at Netflix has landed writer Jon Spaihts, best known for writing the screenplays for Dune, Prometheus and the first Doctor Strange. The movie adaptation of Xbox’s best-selling IP doesn’t have a release date yet but it seems like production is moving ahead with hiring creative talents to helm the project.

Netflix recently confirmed that Spaihts would pen the screenplay for its live-action Gears of War movie. The screenwriter was previously nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay as a co-writer for part one of Dune alongside director Denis Villeneuve and Eric Roth. Spaihts also co-wrote the upcoming sequel and is credited for writing the Alien prequel Prometheus as well as Passengers and The Mummy, among others.

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During an interview with Netflix, Spaihts expressed his excitement in tackling the Gears of War franchise:

“Gears of War is one of the all-time great action games, with vivid characters, a beautifully designed world and a combat system that drives home the lethality of war and the importance of standing by your squadmates. It wants to be cinema, and I’m thrilled to have the chance to help that happen.”

The live-action movie adaptation is only one of many Gears of War projects currently in production at Netflix in partnership with developer The Coalition. An adult animated series based on the universe of the games will follow the movie as well as other unannounced projects.

The Coalition also released a statement stating how excited it was to work with Spaihts:

“We’re thrilled to partner with Jon and the Netflix team to bring Gears of War to life. Jon is a master storyteller with a talent for creating epic science-fiction universes and he truly loves Gears of War. We couldn’t ask for a better partner to honor our franchise and deliver an authentic story to our fans.”

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