New Anthem Patch Introduced A Number Of New Bugs
New Anthem Patch
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Over the weekend, BioWare released a new Anthem patch which was meant to tweak gameplay elements and fix a variety of other issues the game’s been experiencing since its February 2019 release. Unfortunately, it seems the new Anthem patch, which was aimed at fixing different things players have been experiencing, has now also introduced new bugs into the game.

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BioWare released the new Anthem patch 1.0.3 which introduced some high-level fixes and changes, as well as an extensive list of general bug fixes and improvements. Upset players took to the Anthem subreddit to vent about the new bugs and issues apparently introduced by the patch which was released over the weekend.

Some of the major bugs that seem to have been introduced by this new Anthem patch includes infinite loading screens, crashes, respawn timer resetting, and many more.

Other bugs seem to not have been fixed at all with the new Anthem patch. Many players have reported that QuickPlay is still not working properly for them, with others saying they think it might have gotten worse. Reddit user, Dubya_5813, explained that

Quickplay is still a hot mess, 3/3 loading into missions with no way to progress.

One Reddit user noted how angry Anthem players are, commenting on the hate BioWare has been receiving.

Edit 2: holy shit people are mad. Godspeed Bioware, I could only take a couple of hours of what you guys probably have to endure every minute, every day.

However, players did argue that this new Anthem patch left many issues unfixed, and it seems more bugs have popped up after it was released. So, some players are experiencing major frustrations with the game as well as the patches that have been released.

One of the most concerning problems players have been experiencing with the game has been in terms of the PlayStation 4 with some players claiming their PS4 consoles have become bricked due to Anthem. However, BioWare has denied that the game causes consoles to become bricked.

Have you been playing Anthem? Have you experienced major issues with the game?






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