Another New Apex Legends Character is Coming with the Season 1 Battle Pass
New Apex Legends character
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Apex Legends, the surprise battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, has been taking the gaming world by storm. The game recently released its first-ever battle pass, which is called Wild Frontier. The new battle pass brings with it exciting new ways to play, one being a new Apex Legends character – Octane. But now, another new Apex Legends character is being introduced with the season 1 battle pass.

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According to Sony’s PlayStation 4 page for Apex Legends, “two new characters will launch over the course of the season“. We already know that Octane is a new Apex Legends character. Now, fans can expect another new Apex Legends character to be released during the first season battle pass. The first season of the Apex Legends battle pass is set to last for around 12 weeks, so the new Legend could be introduced at any time while the season one battle pass is still live.

Previous leaks have shown that 10 new Apex Legends characters are coming to the game, with Octane (which has now been confirmed) being one of the leaked characters. So maybe the other new Apex Legends character that’s being revealed with season one battle pass, was also part of the leaked new Legends.

New Apex Legends Character

The new Apex Legends character could be Crypto, Husaria, Jericho, Nomad, Prophet, Rampart, Rosie, Skunner, or Wattson. Or it could be a brand new Legend that we’ve never even heard of or seen in any leaks. Wattson, who uses Tesla Trap, is one of the leaked characters that’s been rumoured to be released next. As always, these are merely our own speculations and we cannot guarantee what the plans are for Apex Legends for the future.

Along with the new Apex Legends character to join Octane and the other Legends already on the roster, the season one battle pass will also introduce “two new items” according to the PS Apex Legends page. One might be Octane’s jump pad, with the other item a mystery that will be revealed later in the season.

New Apex Legends Character

With the Wild Frontier Battle Pass in Apex Legends, every level you gain levels up your Battle Pass and unlocks exclusive rewards. Basically, a battle pass lets players unlock cosmetics which would usually only be available through play. In this Wild Frontier battle pass for Apex Legends, players will be able to earn up to 100 unique items, which includes exclusive skins and weapons. Unlike Fortnite, the Apex Legends season 1 battle pass doesn’t currently make mention of events to speed up your progress. Respawn explained that progression of the 100 tiers will be based on players’ experience points, and not through special events or challenges.

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