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New Batman Game Teasers Appear Online and Please Make it Stop

WB Games may finally announce its new Batman Court of Owls game. Keep in mind that the latest teaser arrives almost a year since the publisher began teasing its announcement. Back in September 2019, the first teaser video went live on Twitter showing off a series of images with the slogan “Capture the Knight”. Fast forward eleven months and another teaser is live and we hope it is the last one.

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The teaser which can be seen on Twitter seems to point to the Court of Owls. The 25-second clip pointed to a new account name r3dak3d. The video showed off some frames and two brief images. One of them is related to the Court of Owls and the other is a door of some sorts.

Thankfully, it won’t take a brain surgeon to work out this teaser and if you have teaser fatigue like everyone else on the planet, we can break it down for you. The clip points to a website which reads “We have been expecting you. 8/18”. The site also links to the same Twitter account r3dak3d. It is suggested that 8/18 is the date and best of all, it is today.

In addition to the website and reveal date, someone tinkered with the site’s theme which revealed a code. Once entered, it unlocked a full map of iconic Gotham locations. This includes Pioneer Bridge and Wayne Enterprises. It is expected that this teaser is just the start of many to arrive during the DC Fandome event this weekend. Yes, even more teasers are coming (joy).

Right now we know the new Batman game is set around the Court of Owls. However, we don’t know anything else. The teasers have been extremely cryptic and uninteresting. After almost a year, it is now boring and tedious. Just announce the damn game already. If the announcement does happen today, we will share the news as it breaks.

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