New Battlefield Images Leak Showcasing a Robot-Like Dog
"A robot that carries ammo around?"
Battlefield V First Impressions
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EA Games should just hurry up and announce Battlefield before the entire trailer leaks online. We have had multiple leaks over the past few weeks including the first set of screenshots that showed off some crazy weather and a rocket launch. Then we had the report that Battlefield won’t include a story campaign. Today, we have even more screenshots that include a robotic dog.

The new Battlefield screenshots popped up on Reddit. According to reliable Battlefield source Tom Henderson, they are real and taken directly from the game’s trailer and concept art. Three of the images showcase some art while two of them are taken directly from the trailer and reveal a dog-like robot machine thing.


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This robot is the most interesting part of the new leak. While we only have two images to go by, it seems as if this strange mobile machine has been designed to carry gear and items across the battlefield. The two images show the robot, which has four legs, running through the field that is clearly being blown apart. This is apparent thanks to the debris and smoke everywhere.

Battlefield 6 Battlefield 2021 Battlefield 6 Battlefield 2021

The robot then has bags strapped to it. These bags could possibly house ammo and med packs that the player can use to refill in on resources during combat. I am just going off my own prediction here. It would be a pretty cool concept that adds a nice futuristic take on the game.

As for the other images, one of them includes a massive explosion where soldiers are seen running away from all the rocks and fire thrown into the air. The other shows off another look at the rocket launch which we previously saw in the last leaked images. However, this is a bottom angle. Lastly, there’s an actual rocket launching into the air. Pay attention to the clouds and severe weather in the art. This is a major plot point for the game.

Battlefield 6 Battlefield 2021 Battlefield 6 Battlefield 2021

Battlefield is set to be announced in June. The game is releasing on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Reddit






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