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New Bleach Game is in Development Says Tite Kubo – Report

A new Bleach console game is in development, according to the series creator Tite Kubo, to coincide with the Thousand Year Blood War arc for the upcoming anime. Details are still scarce about this project, though we can probably expect to hear more news at Anime Expo 2022 where Kubo is hosting a Bleach panel.

As discovered by Reddit (via Twitter account Daily Bleach Scans), Kubo recently confirmed that he had heard rumblings of a new Bleach game currently in development, but didn’t have any information to share regarding the developer or publisher. However, it will likely coincide with the return of the Bleach anime, set to adapt the manga’s final arc, the Thousand Year Blood War, this October.

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Anime Expo 2022 will run from 1-4 July and feature a panel dedicated to Bleach, where we’ll probably get more news about the upcoming anime, manga continuation plans (if it does happen following the recent one-shot) and possibly this new game project.

Fans have put forth some ideas for which game developer could be behind the project. Arc System Works, the developer behind fighting games such as Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball FighterZ, is the popular vote as the studio’s talent for making high-octane and flashy action could pair well with Bleach. Arc has also been quiet regarding any new projects following last year’s Guilty Gear Strive.

It’s also possible that Bandai Namco might have assigned development duties to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm studio CyberConnect2. However, we’ll only know more about this project at a later stage as the anime is only set to return in October for the fall 2022 anime season.

The Bleach anime unceremoniously ended on a cliffhanger in 2012, but Studio Pierrot will finally adapt the manga’s final major arc, the Thousand Year Blood War, later this year.


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