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New Castlevania Game Could Be Codenamed ‘Project Zircon’

After the revival of the Silent Hill series, Castlevania is the next Konami IP making headlines lately. A previous report claimed that the publisher will attend E3 this year to reveal a new Castlevania game which is believed to be a reboot. Rumours are heating up again as Konami recently filed a trademark for “Project Zircon” in Japan. Fans believe this could possibly be referring to Castlevania but others think it might be Metal Gear Solid or an NFT project.

Gematsu made the connection that Zircon is a jewel in the Castlevania games with the lowest value. Project Zircon could be referring to a new game in the series but that’s all we really have to speculate. Others made even bigger leaps by noticing that Zircon (or cubic zirconia) is the name given to a fake diamond which might be referring to Metal Gear Solid‘s Diamond Dogs. Just the word “diamond” doesn’t make a very convincing argument but we could be wrong.

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Additionally, Project Zircon could simply be an NFT game. Konami previously stated that it’s looking at exploring the NFT and blockchain space but thankfully, all that really came of it was bizarre Castlevania NFTs celebrating its 35th anniversary last year. Maybe Konami is still interested in the idea of expanding its NFT-related projects. We have nothing to really go on besides the cryptic codename right now.

Despite coming off as a bit tone-deaf, Konami recently stated that it’s well-aware of the demand and fan enthusiasm for more Castlevania games. If the publisher plans to attend E3, fans hope that Konami will have more than just NFT games to announce. Other reports indicate that the long-rumoured remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater could also be revealed alongside a new Castlevania game and hopefully some solid gameplay for its various Silent Hill titles currently in development.

Source: Chizai-Watch (via Gematsu)

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