New CS: GO Features Added With Latest Update

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New CS: GO Features Added With Latest Update

Valve has been tinkering with multiple maps and deploying updates focusing on bug fixes for what feels like forever, but with the latest update, new CS: GO features have been released. The updated is entitled “Scouting Ahead” and introduces new ways to find teammates, a way to follow track your favourite CS: GO events in-game and the ability to track your enemies in Danger Zone with a drone.

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These three new CS: GO features are long overdue, well, at least the first two are, with the Danger Zone one not really being something I am personally interested in. Even so, it is great to see Valve deploying new CS: GO features and continuing to work on the game.

The first feature is all about events and tournaments. Players can now track their favourite tournaments and they will be notified when a tournament is about to go live so they don’t miss a second of the action. Valve is also leaving it up to players to decide which CS: GO event in June will feature on the main menu, as they explained that:

Now, let’s take a look at all three of the new CS: GO features below as described by Valve.

Looking to Play

Looking for a few teammates before you enter matchmaking? Click the ‘Looking to Play’ button, and you’ll be added to a list of players who are ready to team up. Need a fifth for your own lobby? Just check the list and invite anyone you think is up to the job!

Follow Your Favorites

It’s never been easier to follow your favorite CS:GO events. In the Watch menu, click on the Events panel and you’ll see a list of ongoing and upcoming CS:GO LAN tournaments. Add any events you like to your favorites, and you’ll be notified in the Main Menu whenever those events are live. Not sure what to watch? All players will automatically be notified of the most-favorited event each month.

Track from a Distance

The latest drone technology has arrived in Danger Zone. Take control of a nearby drone with the Drone Pilot Upgrade and use it to spy on your enemies, scout for resources, or carry items across the map!

What do you think about the new CS: GO features and which June event are you most interested in watching? Let us know in the comment section below.

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