No, the new CS: GO update released by Valve today doesn’t have the Cache rework, as this should release tomorrow in the morning sometime for South Africans because Valve is, of course, on a different timezone than us. However, the new CS: GO update does make a tonne of changes to Vertigo, which also means it probably won’t be the map that the new Cache replaces later on in the Active Duty map lineup.

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Alongside a few other fixes and changes, including a fix to Dust II and Nuke, Valve has basically reworked a lot of Vertigo, with a tonne of changes including the removal of boxes from the CT spawn and several changes to both Bombsites on the map. The new CS: GO update changes were revealed on the official CS: GO website.

Check out all the changes that Valve has made to Vertigo in the latest CS: GO update below.

Bombsite A:

  • Removed forklift at bottom of lower A ramp
  • Tightened doorway leading to lower A ramp slightly
  • Closed gap in wooden fence by A site crane
  • Added new side-path from scaffolding to A site
  • Made scaffolding wider
  • Removed lower exit from scaffolding
  • Closed one of the exits from CT elevator room to A site
  • Moved drywall stack in exit from elevator room to A site
  • Widened tall cover on A site

Bombsite B:

  • Widened entrance to B site from CT spawn
  • Added blockers to ends of outer walkway around B site


  • Removed dark cubby by HVACs near T spawn
  • Removed door in mid, cleaned up mid geometry
  • Blocked gap in sandbags on lower A ramp
  • Re-colored bombsite boxes to red
  • Sliced corner in top mid
  • Removed boxes in CT spawn
  • Brightened interior lights overall

Now, we await the Cache rework to finally get released, hopefully sometime in the early hours of the morning tomorrow, 11 October 2019.

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What do you think about the new CS: GO update and all the changes made to Vertigo by Valve? Let us know in the comment section below.


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