New Diablo 4 Details Surface Pointing Towards a Returning Villain – Rumour

BlizzCon 2019 kicks off later this week on 1 November 2019 and there are some big announcements expected from Blizzard Entertainment. The BlizzCon 2019 schedule even hits and at least four big announcements and nothing is bigger than Diablo 4, rumoured to be shown off at the event. Now, more Diablo 4 details have surfaced.

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Earlier this month, we reported on the Diablo 4 announcement being leaked thanks to an official Art of Diablo book that is set to release on 3 November and that book mentions Diablo 4. Now, another page of the Art of Diablo book has revealed a few more Diablo 4 details, including a returning villain.

Enter Lillith, the Daughter of Hatred and the mother of Sanctuary. The Art of Diablo book page which you can view below gives a description of Lillith and fans of the franchise will remember that she even made a brief appearance in an online Diablo 2 quest in the Pandemonium Event.

Twitter user WeakAuras has posted a seemingly legitimate page from the Art of Diablo book and the new image of Lillith found within is credited to artist John Polidora who has worked for Blizzard Entertainment for 11 years, most recently on Overwatch.

The Art of Diablo page also reveals more details, as it mentions Lillith isn’t the only character that has been redesigned, stating that they are doing this for a lot of characters in the new game, hinting at more returning characters.

Again, Diablo 4 is specifically mentioned and this image might be a bit hard to fake. Even so, remember to take information like this with a grain of salt until such time as Blizzard Entertainment officially shows off the game. It is very likely at this point that we will only have to wait a few more days before the official unveil when BlizzCon 2019 kicks off.

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Do you think Lillith might be the main villain in Diablo 4? Let us know in the comment section below.

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