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New Dota Plus Update Brings More Rewards, Features and Quests

Valve has released a new Dota Plus update for Dota 2 players who subscribe to the service to sink their teeth into. Called the Dota Plus Autumn update because Valve is in the US, the update holds quite a lot of cool things for subscribers.

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If you are still planning to get some more Treasure Trove Carafe items, then it is important to note that Valve has extended the availability of the treasure by two weeks. Now, on to everything new in the Dota Plus update that dropped in the early hours of the morning.

First up, there are all-new item sets for Lion, Slardar, and Crystal Maiden in the Dota Plus rewards section. Secondly, Valve has added some Season 4 Matchmaking Quests for players to earn more Shards with. Those who queue into the Hard Support role in Ranked Matchmaking can earn even more bonus shards.

In the latest Dota 2 blog post, Valve explains the Friends and Foes feature as well as the Avoid Player feature, stating that:

Plus subscribers can now use the Avoid Player feature to exclude unwanted players from their matchmaking pool, get precise stacking info with the Creep Pull Timers, ward more effectively with the Ward Suggestions, and see your total incoming damage breakdown by type.

This update also replaces the old machine learning hero suggestions with the Friends and Foes feature from the Battle Pass, transfers some new Chat Wheel Sounds into your Dota Plus reward options, and adds the ability to customize your Chat Wheel phrases with emoticons.

It is a bit unfortunate that features such as Avoid Player are locked behind the monthly subscription of R50 instead of being available to everyone. Then again, R50 per month for a game you can put thousands of hours into isn’t exactly all that much and the features aren’t pay-to-win.

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What do you think about the latest Dota 2 update for Dota Plus released by Valve? Let us know in the comment section below.

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