Sony Announces Four New DualShock 4 Controllers and a Headset
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Sony has announced four new DualShock 4 controllers coming out later this year. PS4 owners will be able to choose between a range of great new colour gradients as the DualShock 4 controllers release offering new ways to express yourself while you game.

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The new range includes rose gold, titanium blue, red camouflage, and electric purple DualShock 4 controllers. Each controller has a unique touch to them from the rose gold’s light pink back to the electric purple’s white symbols on the buttons.

Sony is pushing its new rose gold design quite a bit as the company revealed a matching version of its gold Wireless Headset for PS4. The headset is called the “Rose Gold Wireless Headset”

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The headset is almost identical to the previous Gold Wireless Headset models except for a new PlayStation symbol design on the head strap. The headset will retail for the same price as the other models in the range.

When can you expect these new goodies to land in SA? Well, Sony plans on releasing them worldwide in November 2019 so we will most likely get them around the same time.

As for the pricing, the new range is listed in the US for $5 more than the standard black DualShock 4 so expect to fork out a little over R1000 for the controllers at local retailers later this year.

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