New Duke Nukem Game Possibly Being Teased by Gearbox

It’s time to kick ass and chew some gum, and I’m all out of gum. That should probably be Gearbox Software’s mantra as they are pulling out all the stops for PAX East later this month. PAX East runs from 28 to 31 March and not only is it basically confirmed that Borderlands 3 will be revealed but Gearbox has also teased another game recently that isn’t Borderlands related. Now, Gearbox is stepping things up even further and teasing another game reveal for PAX East, which will likely be either a new Duke Nukem game or something about Bulletstorm.

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The image below says it all really, as that’s Gearbox Software’s latest tease. I, for one, hope it is a new Duke Nukem game, but then again, it could also be a new Bulletstorm. In 2017, Gearbox re-released Bulletstorm and with that Full Clip Edition, a Duke Nukem DLC made the iconic Duke a playable character.

The thing is, the developers behind the original Bulletstorm is reportedly already working on a game published by Square Enix, so if this tease is about a new Bulletstorm game, then People Can Fly will probably not be developing it, or it will be a very, very long way off.

That’s why my money is on a new Duke Nukem game. We haven’t seen Duke in ages and everyone and their cat knows just how badly Duke Nukem Forever went down. This could very well be the time to get people excited for Duke again, as even with the franchise failing in its last outing, Duke Nukem is still a massive name and it would be strange to just let it die.

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Do you think Gearbox is teasing a new Duke Nukem game and what do you hope to see from them at PAX East? Let us know in the comment section below.

Gaming | PC | New Duke Nukem Game Possibly Being Teased by Gearbox
Gaming | PC | New Duke Nukem Game Possibly Being Teased by Gearbox






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