Elden Ring

New Elden Ring Gameplay Details Reveal Dungeons, Fast Travel and More

Elden Ring is still a couple of months away but FromSoftware shared new details on the upcoming RPG through a special hands-off demo session last week. According to media who got to see the game, new details regarding the world, fast travel and gameplay were shown off during this short session.

By the sound of things, Elden Ring is still a traditional hardcore soulslike experience. However, FromSoftware has taken the open-world approach to the game very seriously by expanding much of the game’s core system to accommodate this genre. Expect a Dark Souls-like game with larger hubs, new open-world mechanics and more.


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Instead of reading through a wall of text to discover the new Elden Ring details, we have put together a quick and simply bullet point post to catch you up. Here are all the new gameplay details revealed about Elden Ring.

  • Fast travel is now possible to a save point from anywhere on the map as long as they are not in a dungeon.
  • Summon spirits lets players call on NPCs to help them fight.
    • These spirits can be used across Elden Ring and have their own unique upgrade paths so the more you use them the better they get at helping you.
  • The open-world features optional boss fights and some that appear while you are exploring on horseback.
  • Elden Ring maintains its multiple branching endings.
  • Archers can shoot arrows and use skills while on horseback.
  • Magicians can cast magic and attack while on horseback.
  • Players can summon their horse from any location outside a dungeon.
  • Elden Ring features a stealth mechanic similar to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
  • Legacy Dungeons are multi-level exploration areas gated off from the world.
    • These dungeons pack classic Dark Souls-like gameplay with multiple areas to explore, routes to discover, items to find and bosses to kill.
  • Players can explore the world and dungeons in different ways but Elden Ring features a new jumping mechanic. Using the jump they can discover new routes and explore the game.
  • Combat in Elden Ring is traditional “slow and steady” encouraged by the Souls series.
  • Guard Counter lets players strike back at an enemy immediately after normal blocking them. Enemies can also counter this guard counter.
  • Heavy attacks break the enemy’s stance leaving them open to critical attacks.
  • Elden Ring features a social hub with NPCs serving different functions. Players can purchase items, take on side quests and level up.
  • Elden Ring is not related to Dark Souls at all.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is set to launch on 21 January 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Take a look at the latest trailer down below.


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