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New Elden Ring Gameplay Videos Explore Stormveil Castle

A sleuth of new Elden Ring gameplay videos provided by YouTube channel ER-SA has given us a better look at one of the major areas of the game, Stormveil Castle. The segmented clips explore some never before seen rooms, routes and exteriors of the mysterious castle that weren’t shown in the network test.

The various gameplay clips take to exploring the depths and exterior locations of Stormveil Castle, one of the key areas overseen by a main boss and antagonist, Godrick the Golden. Naturally, these may include potential spoiler-heavy content so be cautious if you choose to watch them.

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Stormveil Castle was one of the accessible areas provided in the previous network test for Elden Ring, though in a very limited capacity. Players were able to access the front gates and the paths leading up to the entrance (which seems to just be one of many), before encountering Margit The Fell Omen, a guardian of the castle. The network test would end or throw players back to an earlier save point as soon as Margit was defeated, meaning they couldn’t explore Stormveil Castle at large.

However, thanks to the YouTube channel ER-SA, we now have a more in-depth look at what awaits us in the gigantic castle. Developer From Software once again demonstrate their talent in excellent, interconnected level design. Stormveil Castle seems to have several routes allowing access to the location, meaning it’s possible that Margit could be an optional boss or entirely skippable in the final game.

Below you’ll find numerous clips of ER-SA exploring the area, both inside and outside. As previously stated, you shouldn’t watch them if you don’t want to be spoiled by some of the game’s more mysterious locations and routes.

Elden Ring releases on 25 February 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.







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Source: ER-SA

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