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New Electronic Arts Anti-Cheat System Could Monitor Your RAM

Stopping cheaters in any multiplayer game is great and a cheat-free multiplayer game is always the goal but sometimes, just sometimes, this type of system might go a bit too far. There is an EA Anti-Cheat system in the works by Electronic Arts according to a patent filed by the publisher that will even monitor your RAM, leading to some concerns.

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Before we get to the patent, the reason for concern about the upcoming EA Anti-Cheat by Electronic Arts is simple: When a system monitors RAM for cheats, it might pick up stuff like FRAPS (used as a frame-rate overlay) as well as multiple other overlays including Razer Synapse as a “cheat”.

It is a bit concerning but there was a time that Battlefield 4 kicked players out of a game for using Razer Synapse, for example, so it has happened with Electronic Arts games in the past. However, this may all be jumping the gun a bit as this EA Anti-Cheat isn’t even out yet and a patent has been filed for it recently.

First spotted by RespawnFirst, the patent was filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A description of the EA Anti-Cheat system explains:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#16EBD9″ class=”” size=”20″]An anti-cheat system may be accessed over a network and stored directly into volatile memory of a user computing system. In some embodiments, this anti-cheat system may scan, or access portions of, the volatile memory of the user computing system to detect whether cheat software or other unauthorized software that may interact with a game application is detected on the user computing system. The accessed portions of the volatile memory may be compared with one or more signatures that are associated with the execution of cheat software on a computing system. The anti-cheat system may be prevented from being stored within non-volatile memory, thereby preventing malicious users from modifying the anti-cheat system.[/perfectpullquote]

Although a system like this could potentially kick players or even ban them from the game without them cheating. Hopefully, the EA Anti-Cheat system won’t do that and there won’t be any false-positives when this system gets implemented at an undisclosed date.

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Are you concerned about the upcoming EA Anti-Cheat system that will monitor your RAM? Have you ever been the victim of a false-positive? Let us know in the comment section below.

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