New Elex II Trailer Explains The World and What You’ll Be Doing

"Elex II is out on 1 March"

Elex II
New Elex II Trailer Explains The World and What You’ll Be Doing

THQ Nordic has released a new trailer for Elex II that acts as a deep dive for the game. The trailer showcases the overall gameplay loop while also touching on the monsters, world, abilities, combat and more. Elex II is set to launch on 1 March for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC.

Elex II is the sequel to the original Elex game. It is a role-playing action-adventure made by the developers of Gothic and Risen studio Piranha Bytes. Players explore the world called Magalan, an alien-like planet teeming with monsters, settlements and mystery.

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Magalan has been invaded by a strange race from another planet. In order to prevent them from taking over the land, Jax, the main character sets off to try and unite the factions of Magalan against this new threat. Jax now has to explore this world, fight all the nasties and complete all the quests he gets thrown in order to achieve peace.

Along the way, Jax learns new skills and finds equipment that lets him build into a specific fighter. His weapon of choice depends on his fighting style and Elex II claims to offer a lot of freedom when it comes to building the ideal character.

Players will also have to decide which factions they want to side with. There’s the Clerics, Berserkers, Outlaws, Albs and Morkons. These choices will shape your experience in Elex II. 

Check out the Elex II trailer below. The game is set to launch on 1 March.

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