New Fable Game is an MMO and Not Fable 4 – Rumour

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New Fable Game is an MMO and Not Fable 4 – Rumour

Rumours suggest the recently-announced new Fable game may actually be an MMO and not Fable 4. Yesterday’s Xbox Games Showcase revealed a very short CG trailer for the new Playground Games title. However, no Fable gameplay or game details were revealed.

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According to a French journalist who accurately reported on Microsoft’s entire lineup last night, the newly-announced Fable is actually an MMO. The reporter posted on ResetEra where he listed the entire lineup way before the stream. Everything was correct. In addition, he listed a “Fable MMO“.

He then doubled-down on his listing confirming Fable 4 is not happening and an MMO is. His translated tweet reads;

“A game in the world of Fable. But in MMO (sorry, not Fable 4)”

While this is not confirmed yet and you should take this with a pinch of salt, it makes sense. Microsoft’s new approach to Halo is also turning it into a games-as-a-service. We know Halo Infinite will span over ten years as 343 Industries will release content updates and patches for the game. Infinite will expand as the years go by. An MMO fits right into that vision too. The game could exist for the duration of the Xbox Series X lifespan. In addition, Playground games may develop expansions and new content for it as it grows.

The land of Albion would also make a great fit for an MMO. Its comical fantasy setting will be a welcome change in the MMO genre. However, it is a saturated market when it comes to MMORPGs. It could also be the killer first-party game for the Xbox service platform.

Keep in mind that this is not confirmed yet so take it with a pinch of salt. We know virtually nothing about the game at all and quite frankly, its minute-long reveal trailer was just kinda short and underwhelming. We want more dammit!

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