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New Final Fantasy VII Remake Patch Censors Tifa

Just a few days ahead of the launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix has updated the 2020 Final Fantasy VII Remake with a hefty patch of 4GB on PS4/PS5. While the developer didn’t share specific details as to what the patch did, keen-eyed gamers spotted a change to Tifa which now censors the character during one specific cutscene.

The cutscene in question is a flashback section in Final Fantasy VII Remake which throws back to certain events that took place during the Nibelheim Incident. The Tifa shown during this flashback is now wearing. black vest under her shirt.

This now covers up her chest making the character less revealing. However, players are blaming this less censoring and more on making the scene conical to the one seen in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. If you have played the demo, it takes place during the Nibelheim Incident and Tifa is a main character in that chapter. She also has a black vest under her shirt.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Patch

Players assume that Square Enix decided to go with a less-revealing Tifa in the sequel and as a result, had to patch the flashback to reflect the same character. It makes sense. Of course, whether or not Square Enix put a black vest on Tifa in Rebirth for censoring is still up for debate.

So while the patch was quite large, it didn’t do anything major and it didn’t add any sort of secret cutscenes or content which leads into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. As we know, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Remake are standalone games. No content carries over from one to the other and no save data can be imported either.

The only content which carries over is the unlockable items you’ll get if you play the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo which is now available.

Source: ResetEra

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