Ninja Says Unpopular New Fortnite Patch is Probably Never Going to Revert Back
New Fortnite Patch
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Players are not happy with a new Fortnite patch. The new Fortnite patch 8.20 was released on 26 March and made a number of changes to the popular battle royale game from Epic Games that players, which includes professional players like Ninja, did not like one bit. But despite everyone being upset about this new Fortnite patch, Ninja doesn’t believe that Epic Games will revert back to a previous patch.

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The latest patch for the game had brought about major changes to Fortnite which players aren’t vibing. For one, the new Fortnite patch took away bonus health and bonus materials when taking out opponents. Additionally, players no longer receive 40% longer harvesting times to gather materials. All these features were introduced into the game by a previous patch 7.40 which was released in February 2019 to test out features for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup. The new March Fortnite patch took all these features away and players wanted Epic Games to revert back to the previous February Fortnite patch. In the patch notes for the new update, Epic Games notes why the features were removed from the game

After monitoring a combination of gameplay, data, and feedback, we’ve gathered necessary info to conclude this initial test. We feel it has resulted in an unhealthy level of aggressive play, diminishing other viable strategies.

Alas, not even Ninja feels hopeful that Epic Games is going to revert the game back to the previous patch.

With players gearing up for the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, which kicks off from 13 April 2019, the stakes seem to be higher than ever in Fortnite, especially for professional players, with the unpopular patch creating some tension for some who have their eyes on the massive prize pool.

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Are you digging the new patch or do you hope it goes up in flames?






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