Ghost Of Tsushima Stances, The Deadliness of The Katana Revealed

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Ghost Of Tsushima Stances, The Deadliness of The Katana Revealed

Developer Sucker Punch Productions just went gold with its upcoming PS4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima and in addition, the developer shared some more details on the upcoming open-world samurai game. Studio co-founder Chris Zimmerman went in-depth on the game’s combat as well as shared some interesting details on how the stances affect gameplay. He also shared some eye candy with us in the form of PS4 Pro-captured screenshots.

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According to Zimmerman, Ghost of Tsushima’s combat has been built on three core values; speed, sharpness, and precision. The studio worked hard to deliver the lethality of the katana including fine-tuning the game’s responsiveness so the player can respond as quickly as humanly possible. This means moment-to-moment combat is as detailed as could be as Jin cancels attacks into other movements and follows up with a combo.

“Quick attacks happen quick. We work hard to make our animations fluid, to flow naturally between movements–but if forced to make a choice, responsiveness wins out over physical accuracy,” Zimmerman said, “Jin does have slower, more powerful attacks, but they can be instantly [canceled] at any point, leaving Jin free to respond to unexpected events, like the shout of a Mongol charging in to attack.”

When it comes to precision, Zimmerman explained how the block works hand-in-hand with the combat core of the game. Simply holding L1 can defend players against an incoming attack. In addition, players can block precisely in order to leave enemies open to a powerful counter-attack.

“We also wanted to reward the player for precise execution of Jin’s abilities. Take Jin’s ability to block most incoming attacks. Basic execution of blocking is simple–hold L1, block the attack. But there are levels beyond that. Waiting to press L1 until the attack is about to hit changes the block into a parry. The attacker isn’t just stymied, he’s spun past you, vulnerable to a counter-attack. And Jin earns a little bit of Resolve, Ghost’s measure of the samurai spirit that lets him push through the pain and injury he sustains. With the right upgrade, a third level of success opens up–press L1 just as the attack is landing, and the parry becomes a perfect parry, stunning the attacker and leaving him open to special, devastating counter-attack, and earning Jin a big dose of Resolve.”

Enemies are smart according to Zimmerman. In Ghost of Tsushima, enemy aggression sees their attacks overlap so a group of enemies will attack you at the same time instead of standing by and waiting for their friend to attack. This will lead to some intense moments as players will have to juggle attacking, dodging and blocking. Often, you may even have to step back and reevaluate your approach.

As for the stances, Sucker Punch Productions claims the game has multiple which played can use in-game. So far we know of three including Water, Stone and an unnamed one. Players can switch to them and each will “amplify” Jin’s deadliness based on his opponent.

” The lessons are distilled into new Stances, collections of new attack techniques, which the player can switch between at any point,” Zimmerman said. “Each Stance is designed to be particularly effective against a subset of the dozens of enemy types Jin faces; switching between Stances based on who Jin faces amplifies his deadliness.”

We don’t know how these stances will change the gameplay or how it will change how Jin approaches different enemies. However, it could rely on different stances for different enemy approaches. Each stance is said to have its own playstyle so perhaps brute-like enemies who are slow but deadly rely on Jin using the Water Stance which is faster and free-flowing.

Ghost Of Tsushima releases on 17 July 2020 only on PS4. Take a look at the latest gameplay trailer down below;

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