God of War may have released back in 2018 on PS4 but people are still finding hidden easter eggs in the video game. The latest being a camera hack that reveals an early boss flipping Kratos off as he tumbles off the cliff.

Spoilers follow

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The latest God of War PS4 easter egg was spotted by well-known game hacker Lancer McDonald who found the hidden moment. It appears right after the opening fight between Kratos and Baldur. As soon as Kratos beats the angry lunatic and tosses his body off the ledge, as Baldur flies to the bottom of the chasm he can be seen flipping Kratos off as a sign of disrespect.

The God of War easter eggs sees Baldur raise both middle fingers and arms towards Kratos flipping him off as he falls to his death.

Take a look at the moment on McDonald’s Twitter account;

The God of War easter egg may be the first of many to come as McDonald has now figured out the camera hack and will play through the game to see what other secrets it may hide. The hacker claims it is enabled by entering a special combination of buttons on the map screen. After which, you may move the camera anywhere you wish.

If you want to see what other God of War easter eggs are hidden in the game, make sure you follow the account in case he finds more.

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