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New God of War PC Mod Aims to Make Atreus Playable

An upcoming mod for God of War on PC will offer players a new way to play the game by making Atreus fully playable. Modder Speclizer is currently developing the mod and even released a video to showcase its progress, but it still has a lot of issues to iron out before it can be released.

The Playable Atreus mod for God of War on PC aims to make Atreus a viable option other than Kratos during gameplay. This will allow players to tap into most of Atreus’ combat abilities, though only his bow seems to be functional right now.

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The video released showcases the work-in-progress mod with Atreus taking on Baldur. Unfortunately, his animation still appears quite janky and he’s only able to use his bow, which doesn’t seem to give players free aiming either. Atreus’ upper body remains fixed forward while his legs (rather hilariously) glide on the ground like he’s ice-skating.

Atreus was designed by Santa Monica Studio to always act as Kratos’ support, being programmed with specific commands and actions depending on the situation. Taking what is essentially a pre-defined NPC and turning him into an entirely playable option is quite a tall order as it requires some hefty work to make it possible.

That said, when God of War launched on PC it gave rise to a new modding community dedicated to tweaking the experience. Some have produced stellar results that improved the visuals and art style, while others were less serious and simply gave Kratos cartoonish large eyes because they could.

God of War is currently available on PS4 and PC. The sequel, God of War Ragnarok, will release on PS4 and PS5 sometime in 2022. Check out the playable Atreus mod in action below.

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