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New Gotham Knights Gameplay Revealed – Game Cancelled For PS4 and Xbox One

Nearly 14 minutes of new Gotham Knights gameplay has appeared online, highlighting two of the game’s four playable characters: Red Hood and Nightwing. The gameplay gives us an idea of how exploration, traversal and combat will work. In this case, we get a good look at both heroes in action.

As explained by developer Warner Bros. Montreal, Nightwing’s fighting style is mainly acrobatic, allowing him to close the distance between enemies quickly while having high stamina and endurance. Nightwing also traverses Gotham using a glider.

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On the other hand, Red Hood uses a mystical technique that allows him to jump and leap in mid-air. His fighting style, unlike Nightwing, is mostly based on firing non-lethal rounds on enemies, stunning or paralysing them for openings. Players can choose to play Gotham Knights solo or with a friend in co-op, who will simply leap into the action when joined.

On the ground, players can travel around Gotham on Red Hood’s motorcycle or Nightwing’s awesome glider. Much like previous Arkham games, enemy mobs will be scattered around the open world that you can run into randomly.

When not in the action, players can rest at the hub area called the Belfry. Here, you can access the Bat computer which houses a map of the city, detailing its activities including challenges, side content and main missions. The workbench also allows you to upgrade your equipment and customise the look of your chosen hero. Furthermore, blueprints and crafting materials can be earned by taking on missions, each packing its own stats.

Finally, there will be an option to fast travel if you don’t feel like gliding around Gotham. As shown by Nightwing’s gameplay in the end, many missions allow you to take the stealth route too, solving clues and quietly sneaking around in the darkness to get the jump on enemies. The gameplay ends with a mini-boss fight against a Talon, one of the Court of Owls’ engineered “super assassins.”

Gotham Knights releases on 25 October 2022 for Ps5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. However, WB Games has confirmed that Gotham Knights has been cancelled for PS4 and Xbox One. The game will no longer release on last-gen systems.

In a FAQ, the studio says that in order to provide players with the best possible experience, the game will no longer release on last-gen consoles.

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