New Harry Potter Game Leaked and the Internet Goes Wild
Harry Potter TV Series HBO Max Warner Bros Game
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Yesterday, a short video clip leaked online that showed what could be the Harry Potter game fans have been waiting for. Warner Bos. has since removed the video, while sources confirmed to Eurogamer that a new game is in development.

An unannounced Harry Potter game in the works

The original leak by VapeThisBro on Reddit showed footage of what looked like a high budget, role-playing game set in the Harry Potter universe. It certainly looked like it had the potential to be the Harry Potter game fans of the series would like to play. The bits we saw showed scenes from Hogwarts as seen in Harry Potter movies. It also showed third-person combat mechanics and a wand-wielding protagonist combating goblins.

Although the clip itself was of poor quality, the scenery was unmistakably from J.K. Rowling’ Harry Potter universe.

new Harry Potter game

The leak also included a press release that stated the Harry Potter game is set in the 19th century, which makes it well before the saga of Harry Potter. The game focuses on the story of a fifth year Hogwarts student who arrives at the school under less than normal circumstances. It sounds like an ARPG with eight character classes and combat mechanics that include “cursing.” You can play as either a good or bad student.

Possible studios to develop the game

When the leak surfaced, many thought Rocksteady,  a subsidiary of Warner Bros, would be the developer behind the Harry Potter game. According to Eurogamer sources at Rocksteady, they are not the developer.

A tweet from Lizo Mzimba, (BBC reporter and Harry Potter fan), further confirmed that the news about a new Harry Potter game is real.

Am told this is from a yet to be announced RPG currently titled Harry Potter Magic Awakened, although other titles including Magic Forever are also in the mix. Other Potter games are also thought to be on the way

The next studio in line to likely develop the Harry Potter game is Avalanche Software. Warner Bros. acquired the studio in January last year. Avalanche also posted a job listing for a Concept Artist not fifteenth days ago. Previous job listings stated that the company was looking for staff with a “deep understanding of British culture and grammatical presentation.” They also listed openings for staff with experience in “gaming narrative and branching storytelling, particularly in the realm of RPGs.”

Hopefully, Warner Bros. will make an official announcement about the new Harry Potter game within the next few weeks.






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