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New Helldivers 2 Trailer Details Galactic War and Direct Developer Controls

Arrowhead Game Studios has released a new trailer for the upcoming Helldivers 2 ahead of its launch on 8 February. The latest trailer is basically a gameplay overview of what players can expect. It also showcases the game’s unique Galactic War system which sees players monitor the current threat levels across the galaxy and engage in these battles.

The studio explains that in Helldivers 2, players spend most of their time fighting and shooting. However, they will find themselves aboard a spaceship when they aren’t on a mission. Here, they can access the Galactic War map, upgrade various aspects of the ship and socialize with friends in co-op.

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Major Orders are essentially the game’s main quests. These directives are described as orders from the big bosses and detail what you need to do and where you need to head to get it done. Players will then enter Operations to get these objectives completed.

Arrowhead Game Studios also explained that the developer will be able to directly influence certain aspects of the Galactic War. At certain times, the studio can issue modifiers to the game world which adds new weapons with intense damage or even increase the count of certain enemies. The studio says that Helldivers 2 lets players “play with the developers” and the gameplay loop will always be different.

Embark on a range of different missions, from taking down high value targets or launching missiles to strike the heart of enemy strongholds. While fighting on the frontlines, keep your eyes open for potential resources and intel to bring back to Super Earth researchers. Your progress contributes to the overall war effort, and brings you closer to liberating that sector of the galaxy.

Helldivers 2 is set to launch on 8 February for PS5 and PC. Catch up on the trailer below. We also covered the game’s PC system requirements here.

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