New Hideo Kojima Tweet Suggests He’s Working on a PS5 Game

"Death Stranding 2 or something else?"

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New Hideo Kojima Tweet Suggests He’s Working on a PS5 Game

A new tweet by Hideo Kojima showing the new offices for Kojima Productions has prompted speculation online that the game creator could be working on a PlayStation 5 game. In the image accompanying the tweet, a PS5 development kit can clearly be seen in the background.

It’s been rumoured for some time that Kojima was working with Xbox on his next project, said to utilise Microsoft’s Cloud technology. However, this latest update suggests that he might also be working on an unannounced PS5 project.

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Since this is Hideo Kojima we’re talking about, the internet had a lot to speculate over. It was previously reported – or more specifically, accidentally leaked by actor Norman Reedus himself – that Death Stranding might be getting a sequel. This image could be an indication of the sequel’s development.

Other guesses range from the usual suspects like another Silent Hill game being in development at Kojima Productions to a return of Metal Gear Solid, though that probably involves mending relations with Konami. Additionally, some believe this could be a new IP entirely as Kojima has expressed interest in the past about making a horror game.

Adding a bit more fuel to the fire, speculation recently grew about Kojima Productions potentially being acquired by Sony following Death Stranding appearing on an updated banner for PlayStation Studios. Kojima himself would later clarify that it didn’t mean an acquisition, as Kojima Productions will remain an independent studio. This simply meant that Sony held the Death Stranding IP.

Kojima Productions have yet to announce any potential projects that they’re currently working on. Last year, the studio released Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, which featured the base game as well as new content and enhanced visuals.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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