Apple Announces New iPad Pro Range Along With Revamped MacBook Air and Mac Mini
new iPad Pro
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Yesterday afternoon Apple held its October hardware even were Tim Cook along with some other Apple staff took to the stage to reveal a new iPad Pro, a MacBook redesign and a Mac Mini.

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Starting off with the new iPad Pro. This new model is the first major upgrade to the range since 2015. The new 11-inch and 12.9-inch models include some big features found in the latest iPhone range like Face ID as well as a redesigned edge-to-edge display. The most impressive is the new Apple A12X Bionic Chip that Apple says is faster than most tablet notebooks on the market today.

Users will now navigate around the device using Apple’s awesome gesture-based controls also found on the iPhone. This is due to the lack of a home button which has now been replaced with the Face ID system. The new iPad Pros will also release with an Apple Pencil 2 which has a longer battery life and can now magnetically stick to the iPad for easy transportation. Last, but not least is the removal of Apple’s Lightning charger port in favour of USB Type-C. This was a shocking announcement as Apple has never made use of any sort of standard USB charging system on any of their devices in the past. With this USB Type-C, you can connect the iPad to external monitors and even charge your iPhone.

New iPad Pro

When it comes to the new MacBook Air, Apple changed quite a number of features. Faster processors, the same 13-inch display but with a higher Retina display, and thinner bezels around the screen. Apple has also implemented a Touch ID system into the device for logging in and a larger trackpad and improved speakers. It is also 10% thinner than the previous model and has the same 12-hour battery life.

Macbook Air

Apple’s Mac Mini, first introduced in 2005, has been flying under the radar for years but Apple aims to improve its industry presence. The new model is now five times faster than the last thanks to its improved processors and they now include up to 2TB of storage. The new models also have a sleek new matte black design.

When it comes to pricing, the new iPad Pros start at $799 for the 11-inch and $99 for the 12.9-inch. The new MacBook Air will retail for $1,199 with the Mac Mini starting at $799. Definitely not cheap at all.






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