New Kingdom Hearts IV Details Revealed

"Built on Unreal Engine 5"

Kingdom Hearts IV
New Kingdom Hearts IV Details Revealed

Kingdom Hearts IV was announced this past weekend and if you missed the full reveal, you can catch up on the trailer breakdown here. We also learnt yesterday that Kingdom Hearts IV is going to include Star Wars-themed content after an AT-ST was spotted in the reveal trailer. However, Disney and Square Enix has shared new information on the project including its story, engine and the name of the new female character we met in the trailer.

First off, Kingdom Hearts IV has been built on Unreal Engine 4. The trailer we saw earlier this week was taken from in-game footage on the engine. Square Enix confirmed that the development team is currently shifting over the game to Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 now instead. This means when the game finally releases, it will be fully built in Unreal Engine 5.

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Square Enix also revealed that Kingdom Hearts IV is a beginning of an “epic new storyline” titled “Lost Master Arc”. The story takes place after the previous story arc called the “Dark Seeker Saga”. The studio says that the city we saw in the reveal trailer is actually a playable world called Quadtratum. Square Enix says the city is a large, expansive world with realistic buildings and people. It is unlike anything they have ever created in the Kingdom Hearts series to date.

As for the girl in the trailer, she is named Strelizia. We don’t know anything about her at this point and how she falls into the story and the world of Quadtratum.

Kingdom Hearts IV is currently in development. There’s no release date or platform announcements at this time. Square Enix is also working on a mobile game called Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. The game will go into beta testing in the coming months for iOS and Android. It is unclear how this mobile game falls into the upcoming Lost Master Arc storyline.

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