New Marvel’s Spider-Man Patch Brings Fantastic Four Content
Marvel's Spider Man Avengers 2 Game PS5 PS5 Insomniac games Patch
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If you are not picking up Kingdom Hearts 3 today or playing Resident Evil 2 then why not jump back into Marvel’s Spider-Man?

A recent update that launched last night added Fantastic Four related content like the addition of Fantastic Four and Bag-Man suit. The Bag-Man suit sees Peter Parker wear a paper bag over his head and an old-school Fantastic Four uniform over the rest of his body. The second suit is the Future Foundation suit which is a reference to FF of which Spider-Man was a member

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Those of you who follow the comics carefully will remember that the Bag-Man suit comes from issue #258 where Spider-Man turns to the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards to help with his new suit that would harness the power of the anti-hero, Venom. However, Venom manages to separate away from Spider-Man causing the suit to break. Johnny Storm then borrows Spider-Man a costume and a paper bag to help hide his identity during the issue. This costume then became the Bag-Man.

As for the Future Foundation, this costume was created in issue #579 where Spider-Man was recruited into a team called the Future Foundation by Reed Richards. This team included Ant-Man, Dr Doom and Spider-Man and they all had cool-looking black and white costumes.

It is pretty cool to see Marvel giving Fantastic Four some showtime. If anything, it is one of the Marvel series that has taken the back seat in recent years while being overshadowed by all the Avengers mumbo-jumbo. Hopefully, this is a sign that they will be working even closer to the heroes again soon.

Full changelog

Version 1.14

  • added the Future Foundation Suit and the Bombastic Bag-Man Suit.

Fixes & Updates

  • Addressed an issue where players could not access Fast Travel from subway entrances.
  • Addressed an issue where the Aaron Aikman Armor would not unlock if the player levelled up right after unlocking the suit.






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